Six Foot track, Blue Mountains. Sydney


Scott Griffiths / July 18, 2020

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Six Foot lookout


A Day Spent Hiking the Six Foot Track in the Blue Mountains Sydney, Australia

The Plan#

We drove from Sydney CBD to Katoomba in the blue mountains on the Friday afternoon, stayed the night up in Katoomba with the view to kick off in the morning for the hike around 6am at around 7am, Hike to the Jenolan caves hotel get picked up by a friend and then overnight in Oberon

The Gear#

I took a fair bit on this hike given it was around 12 hours of hiking. Some of it was to change into afterwards however

The Gear

The Start#

We drove from the accommodation in Katoomba up to the start of the track : Nellies Glen road (after the morning coffee stop of course). This was only a 5 min drive from town. We then went down to the cliff walk and lookout:

Group at the Start

Cliff lookout

Then it was down the never ending stairs to the bottom. There had been a fair bit of rain the days prior to this hike to it was fairly slippery and muddy

We also passed a number of farms on the way some of the locals came out and greeted us

It was then a mix of fire trails small tracks the number of short bridge crossings there was a fairly cold morning so there was a lot of valley fog around. We also passed a number of farms on the way some of the locals (horses) came out and greeted us

Lone tree, and MeHorsing around

Bridge to Somewhere: Bowtell's swing bridge Swing Bridge

Followed by the bridge to nowhere

Then there was the road that literally went uphill for what felt like forever! Talk about a leg killer Bikes and hills

Few more stream crossing and some more uphills and then we were on the last leg down to Jenolan. Stream

We Did the Last 1.5h in Darkness

WelcomeStepping it out

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