My blogs are focused around tech which includes DevOps, SRE and delivery based automation and performance approaches.
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Software Test Automation - - > The Functional checks

[Tech] A look at each functional testing discipline and how we can use a distributed approach to test and automate better

Performance Engineering - The Reliability Edition

[Tech] Better understand and define Reliability through performance methodologies and principles

Victoria to Blackheath in the Blue Mountains, NSW

[Hike] Day hike through the Blue gum forest

Six Foot track, Blue Mountains. Sydney

[Hike] A day hike on the 46km six foot track in the Blue Mountains, outside Sydney Australia

GitOps - CD for cloud native apps

[Tech] A breakdown of what GitOps is and an example of how to get it up and running

Completing the Great Northern Walk 250km / 8 Sections

[Hike] How we completed the GNW by doing it over 8 day hikes

A cheats guide to serverless standards (AWS edition)

[Tech] Good practice / design conciderations when it comes to implementing FaaS and serverless solutions

98.7km - 2 days walking the Great Ocean Road

[Hike] We spent 2 days walking the Great ocean road walk located in Victoria, Australia

Climbing Mt Kilimanjaro - Tanzania, Africa

[Hike] 6 days hiking Kili via the Marangu gate path

Climbing Mt Meru - Tanzania, Africa

[Hike] 3 days on Mount Meru

Mt Kosciuszko - the long way around

[Hike] A day hike up Mount Kosciuszko + Jenolan caves