Conferences, Meetup's and Online Talks

Some of the conferences, meet-ups and webinars I have talked at. In the areas of Engineer Effectiveness, Performance Engineering, Serverless(FaaS), SRE, DevOps and delivery pipeline automation.

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The Automation Engineers Guide to SRE - Webinar

June 2021 : Presentation Slides

A reliability first approach that applies the principles and idealism’s of DevOps & SRE in order to build out and then measure automation solutions using observability metrics

Continuous Automation options for distributed systems - Conference

April 2021 : Presentation Slides

In order to adopt a Continuous Automation mindset we need to consider all aspects of test automation which includes Security, Performance, Functional and Chaos, as with any good strategy you need to diversify. This presentation looks at options around this

Serverless / FaaS Fundamentals - Webinar

March 2020 : Presentation Slides

Gain an understanding of Serverless and FaaS ( and what its not) including some of its possibilities and limitations also some of the frameworks available to build and deploy these services

Component load testing with containers - Meetup

Presentation Slides

An automation approach to rapid software delivery that focuses on the use of disposable, isolated and lightweight containers to run functional and performance tests at each stage of the CD build pipeline.

Autonomous Deployments - Conference

Presentation Slides

This conference talk was to demonstrate how using an inside out approach to software development by utilising an Engineering effectiveness team to build, test and promote tooling and processes that can be used throughout the different verticals within the business

Traversing the performance divide - Meetup

Presentation Slides

A look at tooling an mechanisums for providing faster software development feedback by promoting accountability and ownership and how this works when employing a multi level iterative approach to developing tools

Performance testing with Jmeter/Blazemeter - Meetup

Presentation Slides

A presentation that demonstrated using the load testing tools of Jmeter meter and Blazemeter running inside a docker container. This also touches on using these in Azure DevOps

Platform Automation Engineering - RevIt tech talks

Presentation Slides

We covered how a centralised team building developing and being responsible for tooling and standards could drive a culture of accountability while helping mature consistency. This lead to delivery velocity from the concept to deployment