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Scott Griffiths / February 15, 2021

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How do we define what constitutes a reliable system

What Is This Re (Sre) thing?#

Reliability engineering or known as Site reliability engineering within Google and Facebook is essentually: Finding the right balance between reliability and engineering agility where your users get their product fast but not at the detriment of the experience. Done through the use of observability metrics (Sli’s), internal and external promises (SLO/SLA’s) and team & business based error budgets

The Ee to Sre Relationship and Where Ce and Pe Play Their Part#



Release frequency with small changes by supporting these releases with the right amount of automated checks and other automation configurations to provide some level of understanding of environment and application behaviour

Forget self managed teams, Aim for a self managed business with an approach to development the enables devs to deliver more efficiently, effectiveless and in an environment that fosters owernership and accountability

Engineering Readiness Team#

Use of Readiness Checks#

Evanglisum and Advocacy#

Observability, Reporting and Metrics#

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